LCS613B Sure Clip ($.19 per part)


$ 95.00 
Size:  Standard Box - 500 Clips & Screws (LCS613B)

LCS613B Sure Clip works with pre-hung single and double doors. It secures the door to the frame. Once the Sure Clip has been installed a self-starting edge guides the Sure Clip into position, gripping the top jam as the door is shut. Tension secures the Sure Clip keeping the door slab aligned and stable, while permitting the door to be opened and closed if needed. 

  • Protects door units & maintains stability during transportation
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Secures and aligns door slab to frame
  • Door can be opened and re-closed after installation
  • Works with single and double hung doors
  • Use 2 sure clips for double & French doors


Standard Box Measurement: 18" X 14" X 12" (comes with bag of 500 screws)