LCS606-C Friction Plug ($.135 per part)


$ 135.00 
Size:  Standard Box - 1000 Plugs (LCS606-C)

The Friction Plug is easily installed in one step. The LCS606-C is the only one-piece applied Door Plug that can be inserted through the exterior of the side jamb. Some customers feel this is simpler and more efficient than most two-piece door plugs. The plug secures the door slab in the frame through  a friction fit, and the retainer ring insures the plug can't slip out during shipping. 

  • One step installation
  • Works with interior & exterior doors 
  • Strike bore through the side jamb and fits a 3/4" X 1" rectangle borehole
  • Secure friction fit - vibration proof
  • Extraordinarily affordable 

The one-step installation saves production time and eliminates the need for additional procedures. The removal is fast and easy using a claw hammer.


Standard Box: 20" X 16" X 11"